The most dreaded thing happened again.. Which is delay in shipment. usually items reach me within 1 day after it has shipped out but here & then, it takes longer. whenever this happens, i get damn stress HAHAH so I'm writing here.. I know I said I'll post real life pix here, I'll do so very soon!!

To destress, I went to browse through our old site.. weluvmeow.livejournal.com (anybody seen us grow from back then?) previously we sold a lot of street style products. should bring more of that back.. and man i sure miss the livejournal community! haha. i nearly forgot there were so many comments, and people reading my random entries here and then between preorder entries. (lol, and my shitty collage skills back then. galaxy backgrounds.. HAHHA) Miss the replying back and forth and somehow it seemed friendlier.. I wish I can retain that on our domain. Maybe should just reopen the livejournal  or have a commenting section.

Wow it's already 4.30AM.. My thoughts are in a mess. Don't really know what i'm typing up there. I should sleep. Goodnight whoever's here :-)


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