Should we bring these in..?

Hi girls!
Last time we started off selling street style wear, which are considered "premium" in terms of price, cutting & material as they were manufactured by our supplier.

Those pieces are not the usual free-size and mass manufactured clothing you see often. But as the price range is kinda high, we stopped selling as much of these styles. I'm not even sure if many of our customers who shopped with us back then are still with us today.... But I'd love to bring that portion back.

I'm not sure what the response will be, but these are the pieces I'd buy personally for myself. As we grow older, we grow out of the free-sized, mass manufactured zone and want to look for something that's more fitting and not just trendy. And of course, the material & workmanship is a big difference too!

Do email me/leave a comment if you'd like to purchase the pieces below!

Yep, they're specially manufactured by our supplier!
More pictures/measurements/details will be released if I manage to get a favourable response ^^ Anyway, it's pretty to look at!!! hahah


ITEM #1: Ribbon tie dress
Selling price approx : ~$82
Sizes: S/M, only white


ITEM #2: Back cut out zipper dress
Selling price approx : ~$66
Sizes: S/M, black & white


ITEM #3: Tie waist shirt dress
Selling price approx : ~$53
Sizes: S/M, almond & white


If you've been following us here, you'd known i got myself a full time job hence lesser time to deal with the store :( New arrivals are waaay lesser, preorders are even less frequent :(

But i'll always go back to editing new arrivals once i have time!

Thank you for staying with us. ^^

Happy 2015 everyone!




Hi allll!!!!!!

We're planning a shift to another host very soon
and we understand that our preorders are VERY low in frequency, like now: once a month, but with 100 & up arrivals

so we were wondering
if it'd be better to upload new products at a fixed time & date every week but 1 preorder every 2 weeks
or to continue what we have currently :)

If you've any other ideas do drop us a mail! we'll work something out

thank you for all the patience!!



My initial plan was to focus on the store once I graduate, laze around, shake my legs until I'm fully rested to go back into the industry. (Partly also because I wasn't confident enough of my work and didn't think that any opportunities will be presented to me.)

But life is like this, isn't it? Everything is just unexpected. Some shit happened but there will always be something good to remind you that life isn't all about falling in holes and taking a shitload of time to get back up to see the light again.

Yes, I'm taking this opportunity! For sure! Don't know how it'll work out in the long run, and how I have to juggle between the shop and a job and all the personal relationships. I've done it before, and I'm doing it again. And be better at that.

So I guess preorders will be once again, a monthly or bimonthly thing. But I'll never give up on my baby. Thinking back, it's my... 7th year of managing the store already. To be honest I don't have such big dreams of having a brick and mortar store or whatnot, or expanding SUPER BIG. (yeah we don't really do ads, ha ha) It's just something I love doing and is part of my life now. Hmm.....

I do hope to move to a shopping cart site soon though. We'll see! ;)



In the past I used to say.. I'll do a thrift preorder. Means items within $20 price range!
However..............After getting the item for myself (To see if the material/cutting pass), I decided not to do it anymore.

Yes it's the same design as our item which was $30, but the material and cutting was HORRIBLE. booo. well, that's why a $10 pu leather skirt is very different from a $30 pu leather skirt. you know?


Boom boom ~

Super happy.. Been working hard, day & night the past week editing pictures and finally launched P#50!
247 new arrivals check it out yaw~
(Actually there's supposed to be more items but it's a new supplier, so i'm wary of the quality and accuracy of designs.. so i'll buy them for myself first. if satisfactory i'll upload them later on!)


Actually.. If you have tried to logon to our site the past few weeks, you may have realised you got directed to a folder/email host/wordpress and stuff like that.. Well we were trying to change hosts and upgrade to a shopping site. However it was terrible~ The move wasn't successful because of proxy and stuff.. Well guess we have to wait for end of the year to upgrade to a shopping site!! Please bear with us!

Things are really getting crazy. As i was working through the pictures, I really have to give myself a pat on the back.. I was thinking..... If I upload so many items...... People will like a not? Will response be good and better since there's so many items?!?! I hope so!! hahah. Please do not wait to purchase ok! Things get OOS fast. A common myth is preorder shop stocks last forever!! That's not true ok.. BUY FIRST OR REGRET WHEN YOU SEE THAT GIRL IN THAT ITEM! The feeling sucks haha, because you could have been the owner!

Okay that's all for now. Time to work on our new look!

Been facing the computer for too long, am having a headache now.. So, goodnight girls! :D
Tomorrow I have a talk to attend (yay..) so replies will be late!




One thing we had regularly (or so, I think) when we were still on the livejournal platform was this: I'll randomly email you girls to let us know what items you are looking out for, and we'll search for 'em. If we find them............ YES< they will be up for preorder!!! \m/

More info on that here: http://weluvmeow.livejournal.com/18318.html

Well, you can email us anytime with your requests! :}

P/S: Our next launch of new arrivals will be end of Feb/early march. Yes.. Long way to go, but by that time factories would have resumed work = new styles!!! Who knows, maybe we'll even have 200 new arrivals. HAHAH. & we'll be launching a couple of new things too.. STAY CLOSE, WILL YOU?

Xx, J