Hello! me again! 2 entries in a night, because hey a new space!
very soon we will update this little home with pictures.. random things, stock pictures and what not.
Just thought that since we have started this blog, I should provide a little info as to who I am!

(Pls note: weluvmeow is single handedly managed by me, J. But very often, my boyfriend / family come in to help me pack, meet customers up, head to the post office for me.. So i tend to say "WE".)

Sooo.. here goes!

About me / weluvmeow:
I'm a girl. 19 this year.. in my final year of school, pursuing a diploma in graphic design. (that's partly why our preorders are up in such a long interval.. if I can't find nice pictures, I will try very hard to fix the image or source for another. I also don't upload items if I find their quality to be "not there". If I can't find a nice image, I will just not include the item!)

I started dabbling in this online business in 2008 (or was it '07, I can't remember) under another name. I then moved on to livejournal, and "weluvmeow" was born! I was 14 back then, so the name "weluvmeow". When mentioning about it nowadays, sometimes I get very paiseh because.. eh. love spell as luv somemore. how to say?! Since the very start, I was bringing items from overseas and managing preorders. But I wasn't very consistent.. I will pop up with a preorder a few month or so, because back then it was soo troublesome. I didn't have paypal nor an ATM card, so I went around meeting customers at MRT stations to collect payment personally. (HAHAH can you imagine??? or remember me from back then?)

At the start I was really a veggie bird.. (菜鸟). I didn't know this or that. I didn't even know how to do postage. I read through the whole post office website HAHA. I was trying hard not to disappoint anyone and went through so much mistakes and systems, to what we have today. I was so happy running the business that I was still doing it during my O levels!! (Anyone remember our denim x jacket?)

Slowly but surely it became my life. I stopped doing preorders again when I got myself a part time job. But it felt so weird?!?! When I go home and have little emails to reply.. Customers commenting/asking "when is the next preorder?".. So even though I have a job where i have to wake up at 10am and sleep at 1am, I continued doing preorders again. Then slowly.. fixed preorders monthly! :)

I'm sure over these years of business I have offended/disappointed a few. I get super stressed everytime new stocks arrive and during my submissions, but nice comments from customers kept me going. (Also when new shops pop up.. But heyyyyy weluvmeow is my baby, not gon giveup)
During FYP still having preorders?! That's me. Haha. So pardon me if I take a few days to reply emails..!!!

Thank you for forgiving/sticking/staying with WELUVMEOW.. We're really grateful for your support & understanding! But despite having this shop for so long, I find it hard to admit that I'm the owner or even say my name. It's not a disgrace or anything, but I just find it hard to say.. 99% of my friends don't know I own this :|

Does this.. pull the distance between you and us closer? I hope it did, even if just a little bit.


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