My initial plan was to focus on the store once I graduate, laze around, shake my legs until I'm fully rested to go back into the industry. (Partly also because I wasn't confident enough of my work and didn't think that any opportunities will be presented to me.)

But life is like this, isn't it? Everything is just unexpected. Some shit happened but there will always be something good to remind you that life isn't all about falling in holes and taking a shitload of time to get back up to see the light again.

Yes, I'm taking this opportunity! For sure! Don't know how it'll work out in the long run, and how I have to juggle between the shop and a job and all the personal relationships. I've done it before, and I'm doing it again. And be better at that.

So I guess preorders will be once again, a monthly or bimonthly thing. But I'll never give up on my baby. Thinking back, it's my... 7th year of managing the store already. To be honest I don't have such big dreams of having a brick and mortar store or whatnot, or expanding SUPER BIG. (yeah we don't really do ads, ha ha) It's just something I love doing and is part of my life now. Hmm.....

I do hope to move to a shopping cart site soon though. We'll see! ;)

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